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The Real-Life Goodfellas: Meet The Mobsters Behind The Movie

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Henry didn't die the way he expected to. He got whacked in hospital by heart failure at the age of 69, and not by the deadpan wiseguy he reportedly anticipated every day of his life, exacting revenge for his betrayal.

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He thought that one day he would open the door to an old friend who would calmly hold up a gun. Instead it was Father Time, wielding a scythe. The revenge-slaying endgame was perpetually raised by Hill in all the many interviews he gave since the release of Scorsese's movie in He told anyone who would listen that he simply couldn't believe he hadn't been murdered yet. After all, he had ratted out a lot of important guys, a betrayal immortalised in a hit film. The tinge of real danger undoubtedly added to Hill's prestige and authority.

YouTube By all accounts, Lucchese crime family associate Thomas DeSimone, portrayed by Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito in the film, was every bit as ruthless, explosively-tempered, and murderous as his onscreen counterpart. First, DeSimone—who stood 6-feet 2-inches tall and weighed pounds—hardly would have suffered from the Napoleonic complex implied by the 5-foot 4-inch Pesci's performance.

Also, Pesci was in his late forties when he took on the role, while DeSimone met his violent end at 28 years of age. Two other Scorsese films outrank Goodfellas when it comes to this specific profanity: It took a while for Goodfellas to be considered a classic, but Roger Ebert was an early adopter. Getty Images Goodfellas was met with very positive reviews and scored some major award nominations, but it took a few years to catch on as a critical classic. However, Roger Ebert was an early adopter when it came to calling Goodfellas an all-time great, writing "no finer film has ever been made about organized crime—not even The Godfather" all the way back in InEbert rated Goodfellas as the third best movie of the previous decadebehind only Steve James's inner-city basketball documentary Hoop Dreams and Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

In allEbert handed perfect four-star reviews to 12 of the 23 non-documentary Scorsese features he reviewed—Goodfellas included, of course. The most famous and certainly the most quoted scene in Goodfellas comes at the beginning, when Pesci's Tommy DeVito jokingly-yet-uncomfortably accosts Henry Hill for calling him "funny. While working in a restaurant, a young Pesci apparently told a mobster that he was funny—a compliment that was met with a less-than-enthusiastic response. Pesci relayed the anecdote to Scorsese, who decided to include it in the film. So what?

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Hill never settled into the lifestyle U. Marshals had so kindly provided following his flip inand soon after, Hill wasbt back to his wiseguy wayscontacting past thhe connections and goomars, and getting arrested on drug charges. Once again, he was hardly able to lay low, showing up at Goodfellas-related hennry, releasing a cookbook, cellas. art heny eBay, and frequently calling into The Howard Stern Show before dying from heart problems in Only five murders take place on screen. According to the real Henry Hill, crime pays much better than Hollywood. Off screen, however, the two go way backgodfellas started their entertainment careers as bandmates and equal halves of a comedy duo in the late s.

Some of the real criminals portrayed were actually toned down for the film. The Lufthansa Heist was a marvel of planning. The masked button men were on the button, on the money and came in under the clock. As he approached, he was suddenly hit across the forehead with the barrel of a. It was then 4: Exactly fourteen minutes later, the Port Authority Police received their first call. At least 16 members of the original Lufthansa crew were reported missing or turned up dead. The pre-emptive response to a federal crackdown caused further collateral damage.

Her body had been dismembered. About a week before Christmas inDeSimone was summoned to get his button. I saw him in the booth. He listened, and then I saw him raise his hand and jam the phone down on the hook with all his strength. The whole phone booth shook. I never saw him like that. I never saw much anger. He said they whacked Tommy. The Gotti crew. They whacked Tommy. It was over Tommy having killed Billy Batts and a guy named Foxy. DeSimone was dating Jerothe's sister. DeSimone reputedly shot Jerothe three times in the face at point blank range with a. According to street stories that I heard, Tommy DeSimone was cut in half with a chainsaw and dumped into the Atlantic Ocean after the Lufthansa heist.

But a new source casts further shadows on the hearsay evidence. Won 47, 31 by knockout, and lost 6. Knocked out twicewho collected debts for local gangsters. Tommy DeSimone disappeared in The book says Tommy was never seen again. The shiny city shoes. Agro is reportedly the guy who did the job on Tommy's brother. Greg Bucceroni would have you believe that DeSimone disappeared because Jimmy Burke was cleaning house. If he did get a call at a booth about a murder he ordered, he must have been as good an actor as De Niro for the show he put on for Henry Hill. Our source says Hill "exaggerated" some details. He said Two-Gun Tommy was killed in Burke's home. Bucceroni doesn't say how DeSimone was killed, but he doesn't think Tommy had a less than dignified burial at sea.

Steel Co in Pennsylvania to be melted down as scrap metal. The young gangster was given a "non-cemetery burial. Bucceroni believes he saw it during a meeting in a mob front scrap metal yard in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. Steel Co. The movie and the book both tell about the lengths Burke went to cover any tracks that might lead to him. The movie shows bodies strewn throughout the greater New York area, frozen in meat refrigerators, in the backs of trucks, on the West Side Highway as "Jimmy Conway" stays one step ahead of the feds. Bucceroni is no stranger to headline attachment himself. He appeared on The Dr.

It was well known back in fellsa. s that Sandusky, Ed Savitz and other philanthropists would wht up in Philadelphia during Eagles or Army-Navy football games and philanthropy charitable events then afterwards participate in what was known as 'kid swapping' in sexually exploiting adolescent boys at local Philadelphia area hotels. This is where the Sandusky connection comes in," Bucceroni said. When confronted with the reports, Bucceroni responded like the former street kid he claims to be. He came out fighting.

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