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Radioactive Dating Game

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Have you ever heard of a technique called carbon dating, used to determine the ages of these archaeological samples? To introduce the activity, ask students: A Sweet Simulation of Half-lifeintroduces the idea of half-life. There were no eyewitnesses, but there are several suspects. They should also understand that the atoms of any element are alike but are different from atoms of other elements. The first lesson, Isotopes of Penniesdeals with isotopes and atomic mass.

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The element carbon is an essential element in all living matter. Context This lesson is the third in workxheets three-part series about the nucleus, isotopes, and radioactive decay. Advise students to read through the case first so that they understand what they should do. Having learned earlier that all the atoms of an element are identical and are different from those of all other elements, students now come up against the idea that, on the contrary, atoms of the same element can differ in important ways. You need to determine the exact time at which Frosty was put into the funnels to melt away, leaving no trace. Willard Libbyfrom the Inventor of the Week Archive, profiles the career of the American chemist who created the carbon dating method.

Be sure to include how radiocarbon dating works backwards to solve a puzzle. Pretend you are on a month-long field trip to dig for artifacts that might have been left from the pre-colonial period in the United States. Living things have about 15 disintegrations per minute per gram of carbon. On a separate sheet of paper, immediately record the volume of Frosty's melted remains water in your graduated cylinder and note the time on the clock.

Dating worksheets Radiocarbon

The lab stations should have been set up already as described in the Planning Ahead section worksheeets. Students should answer the questions on their student sheet based on their graphs and the data they collected. Students should complete the Analysis section of the lab sheet, which will be used as part of their assessment.

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