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Dating in Mexico as a female expat

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When I first got to DF, I met tons of guys through Couchsurfing who had drinks with me and showed me the city. None of them were specifically dates, which was nice because I got to know them as friends first. And there was only one creepy guy out of the bunch! Word to the wise, never ever get in anyone's car you just met or have met only a couple of times. I did that once and while nothing bad happened, I got a seriously off vibe from this dude once I was shut up in his car. Folks over thirty or forty might prefer InterNations since it seems to attract an older crowd, both expat and Mexican.

Mexico city dating Expat

Some of the expat groups seem to cater to a younger crowd that likes to drink but more specialized interest groups, specifically ones for locals if your Spanish is mexici enoughmight cater better to your dating needs. Friends of Friends Dwting think that the best dating pool comes from friends of friends. So if you make an effort to make friends through Meetup, Internations, Couchsurfing, work or whatever, these friends will inevitably introduce you to their friends and a more savoury dating pool. Because honestly, a lot of Mexican guys on expat sites are just looking to hookup with foreigners. My short summation of life there: If you want to live a similar life to a young professional in most major American cities, expect to spend a relatively similar amount to what you were spending in those cities.

Taxis are certainly cheaper, but if you use the safe taxis on a budget, I rarely didtheir costs can be fairly high. Public transportation is very cheap, but often extremely crowded. Traffic is really really bad one recent survey had it as the worst on earth in terms of "emotional stress". Weather can definitely be cold 30ss in the mornings and wintertime.

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Afternoons are often quite nice. Lots of the buildings in those neighborhoods are quite old and not that nice on the inside and lacking amenities. However, many new mid-high rise buildings are being built in those neighborhoods. Rent is definitely cheaper. Salaries are by and large lower. Probably about half of what a similar job would pay in the States, and, given that many things cost the same, in general, don't expect to save too much. For example, when we first began dating there were a few dead cockroaches on the floor near the sliding glass patio doors of his apartment.

They were there for months but according to him they were there nearly the entire year that he owned the condo. I was the one to finally remove them. For a man his age, he owned nothing. Even the year-old Volkswagen beater he drove was a hand-me-down from his mother. He anticipated being spoken to first every morning, having things done for him and even his lost objects found on his behalf. One can only assume these were past motherly duties. I lasted four months and never dated again…although, I have friends who have, and I have men who have tried. From my experiences, I would say 80 percent of the Mexican men are married with kids…and by married, I mean living with the mother of their children.

Formal marriages are not necessary here to be deemed married. With that said, 80 percent of those men will swear up and down they are single.

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