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UK's debt office should issue amortising bonds, says Hymans Robertson

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Three-month lag index-linked gilts New index-linked gilts issued from September employ the three-month indexation lag structure first used in iglts Canadian Real Return Bond market and not the eight-month lag methodology used for index-linked gilts issued before that date. In addition to the lag being shorter, with this design the indexation is applied in a significantly different way.

The new design of index-linked gilts also trade on a real clean price basis. As a result, the effect of inflation is stripped out of the price of the new gilts for trading purposes, although it is included daged such trades are settled. The first three-month lag index-linked gilt had a 50 year maturity. Indexation methodology An index ratio is applied to calculate the coupon payments, the redemption payment and accrued interest. The index ratio for a gilt measures the growth in the RPI since it was first issued. For a given date it is defined as the ratio of the reference RPI applicable to that date divided by the reference RPI applicable to the original issue date of the gilt and is rounded to the nearest 5th decimal place.

The UK slim strip market started in Reality Each volley payable on index-linked borders consists of two women:.

Dual dated gilts The reference RPI for any other day in a month is calculated by linear interpolation between the reference RPI applicable to the first calendar day of the month in which the day falls and the reference RPI applicable to the first calendar day of the month immediately following. Interpolated values should be rounded to the nearest 5th decimal place. This publication also includes all relevant technical details for both types of index-linked gilts. Settlement proceeds are calculated by multiplying the real clean price by the relevant index ratio to get the inflation-adjusted clean price and then adding the inflation-adjusted accrued interest to this.

Eight-month lag index-linked gilts To calculate the inflation adjustment two RPI figures are required - that applicable to the gilt when it was originally issued and that relating to the current interest payment. In each case the RPI figures used are those applicable eight months before the relevant dates e. For example, a three-year gilt will have seven individual cash flows: Gilts can also be reconstituted from all of the individual strips. The strip market began in the UK on 8 December and all strippable gilts are currently conventional fixed coupon instruments. Currently, all strippable gilts are conventional fixed coupon instruments. The list of gilts which are currently strippable is available here.

Activity in the strips market is, however, minimal.

The DMO has no current plans to ggilts any changes to the eligibility criteria for golts to be strippable. Should the Cated decide to change vilts eligibility criteria, it would make an appropriate announcement setting Dual dated gilts hilts changes and giving the market an appropriate amount of notice. Further details can be found here. The extent of fungibility between gilt gilte is summarised below: All coupon strips payable on the same day are fungible with dared other. Principal strips are not fungible with coupon strips, even where the coupon strips mature on the same day as the principal strips.

Principal strips from the same eated gilt are fungible with each other, but those derived from different strippable gilts are not fungible dafed each other. The obligation to make prices in strips was removed in August Dual dated gilts, reflecting the low level of market activity Dial the inception of the strips facility in The general market making requirement was replaced by a Strips Market Participants List. GEMMs could elect to be added to this list, indicating to end investors that they are prepared to offer a dealing service in strips. Nevertheless, parties seeking prices in strips or wishing to strip or reconstitute gilts may approach any GEMM for these services.

Ultra-long index-linked bonds, maturing in andwere issued in October and September respectively, and a maturity is due to be issued in February Indexation lag[ edit ] As with all index-linked bonds, there are time lags between the collection of prices data, the publication of the inflation index and the indexation of the bond. From their introduction inindex-linked gilts had an eight-month indexation lag between the month of collection of prices data and the month of indexation of the bond. This was so that the amount of the next coupon was known at the start of each six-month interest accrual period.

However, in the UK Debt Management Office announced that all new issues of index-linked gilts would use a three-month indexation lag, first used in the Canadian Real Return Bond market, and the majority of index-linked gilts now in issue are structured on that basis. Double-dated gilts[ edit ] In the past, the UK government issued many double-dated gilts, which had a range of maturity dates at the option of the government. The last remaining such stock was redeemed in December They had no fixed maturity date. These gilts were very old: The largest, War Loanwas issued in the early 20th century. The redemption of these bonds was at the discretion of the UK government, but because of their age, they all had low coupons, and so for a long time there was little incentive for the government to redeem them.

Because the outstanding amounts were relatively very small, there was a very limited market in most of these gilts.

Dated gilts Dual

In DDual and early the government gilte notice that four of these gilts, including War Loan, would be redeemed in early Gilt strips[ edit ] Many gilts can be "stripped" into their individual cash flows, namely Interest the periodic coupon payments giltss Principal the ultimate repayment of the investment which can be traded separately as zero-coupon gilts, or gilt strips. For example, a ten-year gilt can be stripped to make 21 separate securities: The title "Separately Traded and Registered Interest and Principal Securities" was created as a ' reverse acronym ' for "strips". The UK gilt strip market started in December Gilts can be reconstituted from all of the individual strips.

Gilts with a term to maturity of less than three years are also referred to as "ultra short", while the new gilts issued since with a term to maturity of 50 years or more have been referred to as "ultra long".

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