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Rock review - Damien Rice: lost love and old demons

Crony what. And so it was on-and-off as well.

He helped me get out of my way, and had he not done that, there may not be a record. I remember sitting down with the band at the time and saying to them, 'Do you want to get paid or do you want to get a percentage of the sales? I ask him if he would ever change anything about the past. That's why sometimes when people bring up the Lisa thing, I am so grateful for everything I experienced with her because I got to learn amazing things. This time, there's a long pause. My perspective on things is totally different. I wouldn't change a single thing I ever said, even hurtful stuff. I say, 'Thought hurt my feelings'. But when I look back now, I can recognise that I hurt my feelings, not the person.

They said some words - which are just sound, vibration, energies. And it all depends on how I translate that in here [pointing to his head]. But he is keen to finish his point. I've learned how to not get defensive. I count all the times I was arrogant - so many times. And I start smiling and think, 'This person is so right: I am a selfish, arrogant asshole - sometimes. By every account, the split devastated him - Hannigan got on with her life but, going by comments Rice subsequently made in an interview with Hot Press, he was unable to let go as easily. Headlining Marlay Park in Dublin later that summer, he dialled Hannigan's voicemail and encouraged 30, people to yell 'Hello Lisa' - a gesture understood to have mortified her when I brought it up with her in an interview she turned intensely puce and sputtered for 90 seconds.

Stricken by the separation, Rice turned away from music, spending his days mucking about in a little boat he had bought with his record royalties. He would think of Hannigan, their time together, the pain of being apart.

To anyone passing, he must have looked like the loneliest guy in the world. Maybe he lksa. What the new track doesn't do is attest to any significant artistic advancement. Through his career, Rice has stayed in the same groove of dtaing cathartic acoustic rock. His signature tropes were already present on early singles such as 'The Blower's Daughter' and 'Volcano', love songs with razor blades up their sleeves and a slightly feverish glimmer in the eye. These were the qualities - that sense of music, ready to spiral out of control - that set him apart from the massed ranks of sensitive young guys with guitars and complicated personal lives.

Then, Rice was has always been complex and inscrutable, even by the standards of the music industry, where such traits tend to be tolerated and occasionally encouraged. As lead singer with Juniper - his collaboration with the musicians that would later become Bell X1 - he baulked at compromise.

Rice und lisa hannigan dating Damien

I was this person who had grown up in society. Damine band had signed a six-album deal with Polygram inbut disagreements about their musical direction led to Rice departing the fold at the end of Juniper eventually morphed into Bell X1. Umd with the music business, he moved to Tuscany in the spring hannugan and became a farmer for six months. While many of the songs eventually ended up on his debut album O, he says he can no longer relate to the headspace he was in when he wrote them. Having grown up with two sisters one older, one youngerhe tells me that he was always good with women.

In one way. In that I had a lot of female friends, but that ended up being tricky in relationships as well — because I had so many female friends. Were you a player? A serial monogamist. But presumably quite intense once you were involved? Back when Juniper had been offered a record deal, Rice had contacted his second cousin David Arnold. Now that he had a mobile studio, Rice set about recording the songs properly. Which I liked: I was really particular at the time about where to record things. So I took my little mobile studio and went to Paris.

I went through the metro with all of these microphone stands hanging off me and recording gear, sweating by the time I got to their house, and just recorded it there, and then came home. Did you have any sense then of just how powerful the album was going to be? What, make one album and then finish with music forever?

It was happening. All I'd series, I didn't find. Has Flooring believed to Sea Sew?.

So the songs that came up as sounding good were all these slow, acoustic, mellow songs. One day I remember I was sitting with Lisa and I discovered this new thing on the little recorder — it was an 8-track thing and I discovered a new function on it where you could play one song after another. So I lined up a bunch of songs, pressed play, and myself and Lisa sat in the garden and listened, you know. We were chatting with a friend or something, I remember not paying that much attention to it, but just realising that I had really enjoyed listening back to what had been coming out of the speakers.

This works. And I remember being nearly finished so many times. I came out in the UK four months later, and in the US the following year. To date, the album has sold well over two million copies worldwide. Given that there was no record label creaming off the profits, it made Rice a wealthy man. And then everyone else went on the percentage, and it was very funny… but we put him on percentage later one, as a token gesture. It was funny. What were your feelings at the time, watching your little indie album go multi-platinum? Was there a lot of high emotion?

It was new to us all. We had all put a lot of time into it. It started flowering, and we just got to play shows, and if just started building. And when it started building then people started being able to get a bit of money out of it, so people were able to give up their pub gigs and stuff. Everybody started getting really excited about the idea that they could perhaps make a living out of playing music. And it was beautiful — it was a really exciting time. Really exciting, you know. From what I remember, it was brilliant! Within about 18 months, Rice was being widely touted as the first Irish musical success story of the Noughties. He had a manager, foreign record labels and a permanently full tour diary.

Riec that he necessarily welcomed these developments. To me, a remix was a really artistic interesting take on the song, you know. Who is paying for this? You know, haannigan me. And so knd and my manager wrote a little contract. And so they used the Cannonball ind. But I remember there was a bit of fighting, you nannigan, it took a bit of clashing before getting to a comfortable place with that, because it drove me nuts. Trying to sell it? Sell what? To me it had already sold more than I had ever dreamt it would sell. How many albums had you sold by then? So that was the first time that… [pauses] I remember the band were really with me, and it was me and the band against the management and the label.

There was a bit of that going on. But then slowly over time, I guess the management learned how to work with me, and me with them. We just learned to be clear with each other. What were the band problems? Rice shifts uncomfortably in his chair and grimaces. So you were actually in a relationship? When did that begin? And so the record felt like a record of creativity and love, and just that whole sense of coming together with a bunch of people — and in particular with Lisa. We just worked really well together. I loved her taste.

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