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We might like to think that we are deeply complex creatures but when it comes down to it we are simple.

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In the summer, when the sun is shining and the temperature is warm, we are more content u remain single. We socialise more, meet new people, and enjoy the feeling of being untethered. As the leaves turn from green to crispy shades of Autumn however, we yearn for companionship. Much like a bear, our natural intuition tells us to bunker down and protect ourselves from the oncoming cold. That means movie marathons, duvet days, and ideally someone to hug and to hold. After joining Oasis and not having much luck I was about to give up when I got an email with suggested matches. One took my eye nokiauk.

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So I took the plunge and message first. Thank god I did. We hit it off straight away and eventually met up after a month or so of texting. No awkward silences or anything on our first date.

Ik just never sto pped talking. I knew a big step forward in our relationship would be meeting his 2 kids sating them liking me. From detailed profiles to linking you with someone for a quick meet-up, whether you're looking for a slow-burning, blossoming romance with your future life partner or just dipping your toe back in the dating water - we applaud you, it's tough out there - these are the best apps on the market to explore new opportunities. Advertisement Stuck for what to say? Try the best opening lines for Bumble to get initial conversation flowing.

Need profile tips? Here are the top tips from Tinder on how to have the best dating app profile. Tinder Best for: Only let the former sway you. Writer's block?

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