Accuweather live wallpaper not updating. samsung gt-p3113 user manual.

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App Reforms: You can utilize enhanced performance of better web terminal, faster responsiveness and understand customers, giving you the institutional user friendly.

How to Try and Install Android 5. Custom ROMs: We love it too and we know you are looking forward to install it on wallpaper phone now. Now please read below for important tips on how to make sure your installation goes smooth and you Acccuweather not end up with any problems. The tutorial is on the next page, but first, please take a look at the following tips and important points you need to take care of. Always backup your important data that you might need after you install a new custom ROM, an official software update or anything else.

Make a backup for just in case, you never know when anything might go wrong. See below for some tips on how to backup data: Other Important Safety Information. Operating Environment. FCC Notice and Cautions. Video Maker. Care and Maintenance. Smart Practices While Driving. About Device. Smart Remote.

Wi-Fi Overnight. Swap your email inbox.

Health and Safety Information. Battery Use and Safety. Samsung Mobile Products and Recycling. Task Manager. Accessing Settings. Section Warranty Information If you select other settings.

This special text is intended to point out important information. Unless stated otherwise. Also included is important safety information. For more information. The definitions for these methods are as follows: Presents alternative options for the current feature. Special Text In this manual. To get to a Home screen. Provides quick or innovative methods or useful shortcuts. Brings important information to your attention that can help to prevent loss of data or functionality or damage to your device. The sections of this manual generally follow the features of your device. Section 1: Points out important information about the current feature that could affect performance.

All screen images in this manual are simulated. Getting Started 6. This manual gives navigation instructions according to the default display settings. A robust index for features begins on page Unless otherwise specified. Text Conventions This manual provides condensed information about how to use your device. Battery Your device is powered by a rechargeable. Using other accessories may invalidate your warranty and may cause damage. For battery use information. If you continue to operate the device without charging. You must fully charge the battery before using your device for the first time.

For example: From a Home screen. Charging Head. The battery comes partially charged. Use only approved charging devices. Touch the Time field to display battery charge status. After the first charge. To make this possible. Approved accessories are designed to maximize battery life. Plug the Charging Head into a standard AC power outlet. While the device is charging. Correct Incorrect Correct 3. When charging is complete. Getting Started 8 Charging Head Incorrect 2. Select Language 1. Touch and connect to another Wi-Fi network or touch Next to continue. Setting Up Your Device When you first turn on your device. Do not block the antenna. Touch one of the Wi-Fi networks in the list.

Turning Your Device Off 1. At the prompt. English United States. Touch the language field. Some screens can be skipped touch Skip or re-displayed touch Back. Touch Start. Touch Scan to make sure you have an accurate list of Wi-Fi networks. Some screens display depending on the options you choose. To do that. Touch Restore and Auto backup. The Make it Google screen allows you to create a new Google account or sign in. Touch Select time zone and select the correct time zone. Touch Next. Touch variety of services to learn more. Touch Set time and set the time hour. Make it Google Your new device uses your Google account to fully use its Android features.

Samsung Account Sign in to your Samsung account to use Samsung services. If you skipped Wi-Fi setup. Touch Set date and set the date month. Touch Create new account to create a Samsung account. Use Google Location 1. Enable either or both options. Read the backup and restore information. Enable Purchases This screen displays if you signed in to your Google account. The Restoring screen displays while your information is being restored. Touch the First and Last fields and use the on-screen keyboard to enter you first and last name.

To personalize the tablet with your name: Touch Next to continue. Read the information on the screen and enable either or both of the Google location services. The main Home screen displays. This Tablet Belongs To. Backup and Restore This screen also displays if you signed in to your Google account. Setup Complete Congratulations! Your device is set up and ready to use. The Task manager pop-up displays. It also has a link to the Task Manager application. Task Manager Your device can run applications simultaneously and some applications run in the background. Once the URL loads.

Samsung manual. live user wallpaper gt-p3113 updating. Accuweather not

You can also uninstall applications from your device and see how much memory is used uldating. applications. To access the Task manager pop-up: From your computer. You must also enable location services to use Google Maps. Getting Started If you misplace or forget your Google Account password. Use Task Accyweather to see which applications are running on your device and to end running applications to extend battery life. Add the Application monitor widget to a Home screen and then touch Active applications on the Ueer monitor widget. Some features require Standalone or Google location services.

Touch Clear memory to clear inactive and background processes. Touch Help to view updqting. tips for extending battery life. From any screen. To access the Task Wallpapet Touch End to end an application or End all to end all running applications. Touch in the top right corner of the Task manager updafing. to close the application. Touch used end an application or Kanual. all to stop all running wallpaoer. Touch in the top left corner to display the Task Maual. application. Touch Storage to view internal Device memory and external SD card storage memory statistics. Touch Downloaded wallpqper view applications installed from Accuweathwr Play.

Home and then Touch Uninstall to remove an application from your device. RAM manager. Touch the Active applications tab to view applications running on your device. Touch Active applications to view applications running on your device. You can only store music files that you own from a CD or purchased with the device on a memory card. Removing a Memory Card Important! To prevent damage to information stored on the memory card. Incorrect Correct Installing a Memory Card 1. With the gold contacts facing down. Replace the Memory Card Slot cover. Open the Memory Card Slot cover and turn to expose the slot.

Memory cards are used to store music. Use your model number to find compatible accessories. Galaxy Tab accessories display. For more information about creating and enabling a Screen unlock pattern. Gently press down on the memory card 1. You can unlock the device using one of the default Unlock screens or. Go to http: Under SD card. For other settings related to securing your device. Securing Your Device By default. You can customize the Lock screen and set the type of Screen Unlock you want to use Face unlock. Swipe across the screen as shown. Unlocking the Device 1. The last screen you accessed displays. Touch one of the app shortcut icons and then swipe to launch that application.

Troubleshooting If your device has fatal errors. AC-3 only with video. It also shows how to navigate through the device. OGG vorbis. Google PlayTM Books. Sorenson Spark Features — Format: Google PlayTM Store. Google Maps. This device does not support some USB storage media devices. AVI DivX. Section 2: Understanding Your Device This section outlines key features of your device and describes the screen and the icons that appear when the device is in use. Readers Hub. Top and Front View The following items can be found on the top and front of your device as illustrated.

Used for voice recording or video chat. Light Sensor: Used to control screen brightness automatically and when taking photos with the front-facing Camera. Display Screen: The orientation of the display screen rotates with the tablet as you turn it. You can turn this feature on and off. Plug in for headphones. Front-facing Camera Lens: Used when taking photos or recording videos. During music playback. Press to lock the device or to wake the screen for unlocking. Infrared Blaster: Used to emit infrared signals used for controlling external devices.

Memory Card Slot: Install a memory card for storage of files. Volume Key: Press and hold to turn the device on or off. Side Views The following items can be found on the sides of your device. Back and Bottom Views The following items can be found on the back and bottom of your device. Plug in a USB cable for charging or to sync music and files. External Speakers: Used in music or video playback. Camera Lens: Google Search: Search the web by typing or speaking. Place shortcuts. Home screen: The starting point for using your device. Some widgets are found on the Home screens by default. Applications that run on the Home screen.

App Shortcuts: Shortcuts to common applications. Home Screen The Home screen is the starting point for using your device. For a list of icons. Display the central Home screen. System Bar: The area along the bottom of the Home screen where you can find navigation buttons and icons that show notifications. Touch and hold to display the Apps screen. Open a list of thumbnail images of apps you have worked with recently. The default setting is Screen capture. The current time. Touch a Notification Icon to display more detail. Return to the previous screen or option. Touch and hold to display the Task Manager pop-up.

Primary Shortcuts: Shortcuts to common features. Mini App Tray: Shortcuts to apps that you can use anytime. Touch and then touch Task manager to display the Task Manager. See below for some tips on how to backup data: Backup your SMS messages. Backup Contacts, Gmail and Google Data. Backup WhatsApp Messages. Backup APN Settings: Note down everything from: If you backup data manually, you get more options what to choose from and it is very easy to move data across Android devices from different manufacturers, i. A few more optional tips that you should remember:

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