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Shelton Find articles by W.

Karna Gregory T. In addition, we confirm that this material appears to display a thermodynamically odd re-entrant ferromagnetism above T2 Chan W. Benavides Find articles by Katherine A. In the non-magnetic case, our calculations do not indicate regions of FS nesting. A summary of our neutron scattering data is presented in Fig. Three features of this plot represent our main experimental findings. Jin Julia Y.

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The FS instability along with anomalies in the charge transport support an itinerant mechanism for the magnetism in Fe3Ga4. The T and q dependence of this scattering contribution can be better viewed in Fig. Through a combination of neutron diffraction experiments and simulations, we have discovered that the AFM state is an incommensurate spin-density wave ISDW ordering generated by nesting in the spin polarized Fermi surface. In fact, transitions between ISDW and FM states in zero applied field are extraordinarily rare in contrast to helical magnets where transitions to FM ground states are more common 10 Shelton J.

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The Scope and Content Note of each finding will provide a general assessment of the research value of the collection. To view a copy of this license, visit http: McCandless R. Karna Find articles by S. McCandless Find articles by Gregory T.

In many collections, a Digitization Note will indicate if any of the collection schmigt available online and hyperlinks throughout a collection can connect you to digitized material from that collection. DiTusa Find articles by J. Abstract Due to its cooperative nature, magnetic ordering involves a complex interplay between spin, charge, and lattice degrees of freedom, which can lead to strong competition between magnetic states.

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