Break up someone you re not hookup

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How to break up with someone you're not officially dating

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You should still have a hoookup with them. Even if you don't think the person would care that you're ghosting, or you think they may also be ghosting, it's better to be the bigger person and close the loop, because you shouldn't assume that you know how other people feel. Advertisement So how exactly should you phrase this kind of breakup?

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That depends on how long you've been seeing a person. Be honest: There is an incredible temptation to lie and attempt to spare the dumpee's feelings. If those aren't the actual reasons you're ending this, be honest. Because chances are, you're not that good a liar. Don't be unnecessarily honest: Conversely, there are things you can tell a person that are more unkind than helpful. Even, "I'm frustrated that you never go down on me and I don't think that's going to change," is helpful. Make the forum appropriate for what the relationship meant: Sleepovers that happened after dinner or a concert?

Grab coffee. Random, drunk hookups you don't remember half the time and never involve someone staying over? Don't be awkward; send a text. Friends with benefits where the benefits have expired? Do it in private, in person. Be a friend.

Do you need a ride? Get it organized in advance. Do they need a ride? Make sure you've thought ahead so they don't end up stranded, thus blocking your timely and graceful exit. This is important because you really don't want to linger and drag things out. When the deed is done, do them the courtesy of giving them some privacy to process any feelings they may be having. The Aftermath You did it. Don't create confusion and doubt by reaching out after you both decide to cut ties.

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Don't torture them by breaking things off and then texting no couple of days later ge 'check-in' or 'see if they want to grab a drink - as friends,'" cautioned Brigham. Though it can be hard to stop contacting someone with zomeone you may have had a fun connection, it's important to consider that aomeone back and forth between silence and contact can fuel uncertainty and prolong the pain of the rejected party. In some cases, it's best to just break contact completely Sometimes, it can just be impossible for two people to downshift a romantic relationship to a platonic one.

In this case, the best option might simply be to end all contact. Moving from dating someone to a 'friend zone' can be incredibly difficult, and the boundaries of the budding friendship are already blurred," licensed mental health counselor Erin Parisi told INSIDER. If you don't think you or the other person can handle a friendship, the healthiest way forward may be to just part ways for good. Continuing to hook up is a recipe for hurt feelings and ambiguity Hooking up can cause confusion for one or both people involved.

Entertainment One Turning a casual dating relationship into a no-strings-attached sexual arrangement might sound like a fun and easy way to avoid a difficult breakup talk. However, you should consider the ramifications before moving from one kind of undefined relationship to another. I wish you all the best. Hi there Alex, rock climbing last with you week was a totally new and exciting experience, and I had a good time. I wish you the best. If this person was not a good date, you are within your bounds and frankly, encouraged!

I found that behavior off-putting. How do you tell someone you're just not that interested? What do you actually say to someone you're trying to let go easily? Let's vow to avoid ghosting—or its ugly cousin, the casual slow fade which, let's be honest, is even worse —once and for all. Consider the Relationship How you approach a breakup should directly correlate to the length of the relationship and its intensity. For instance, it might be acceptable to break things off over text message after two dates, but certainly not after two years.

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