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Ashley Madison, an online dating service catering to those in relationships who are looking to stray. And it seems Peterborough is listening to Ashley Madison's slogan - Life is short, have an affair. Local residents are topping the charts with 5, paying members, making up 7. This beats out Red Deer, Alberta the apparent 'affair capital' of Canada whose residents compose 7. The man, whose name will remain anonymous, says he and his wife are drifting apart.

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He complains there is a lack of effort on his wife's end to keep the spark going. I've tried a variety of things to spice things up, but she is just not a very sexual person and I don't think that is ever going to change. This, according to Down to fuck in peterborough. Biderman, will cut down on the amount of people roaming the net, lying about their relationship status to scam their way into the hearts, and beds, of unsuspecting singles. Why Peterborough? Trends point towards jobs that take one person out of the house for extended periods of time. Biderman laughs. It has something to do with the nature of the way people live and work in those communities.

He notes a woman's daily routine often involves work, then childcare, then housework and that might be contributing to her lack of interest in the bedroom. Biderman calls it - vanilla. Another Peterborough user boasts about his success with the site. Women in Peterborough are raising the bar with female membership rising to 35 per cent. One woman in Peterborough logs on to try and find some excitement. I need that. WE all know that there are prostitutes working in Peterborough — but do we know about the excellent work being doing to get them off the streets? Jemma Walton spent an evening with two women dedicated to turning around the lives of the city's vice girls: He used to pick up a girl, get her to strip off and burst the balloons with her bare bum.

We haven't seen him for a while. And there are a handful of women living in Peterborough who know just how quirky some of the city's men really are. The young girls who sell sex on our streets are the ones who know the truth about sex in Peterborough when the wedding bells have finished ringing, the Valentine's day cards have been chucked in the bin and the roses have wilted. The seven or so girls who worked in the city centre last Monday night would have had about three customers each, meaning 21 blokes paid 40 each to get a woman to have sex with him in the back of his car, in a dark, deserted car park.

Many of these girls have been raped, beaten and robbed by their customers, and many of them have been asked to do much worse than pop a balloon with their backside.

And yet if you watch TV it's easy to think that the oldest profession in the world is also the most glamorous. Billie would meet George Clooney lookalikes in swanky hotels, have wonderful sex with them and walk off with 2, or so tucked into her Prada handbag. And yet as you drive down Park Road at 7pm on a dingy, foggy Monday evening and see the skeletal girls hopping into kerb crawling men's cars you quickly realise that glamorous it ain't. Sad, shocking and depressing maybe. There are definitely no George Clooneys to be had here, and no thousand-pound handbags.

Ih unlike the glossy blonde Billie in Belle du Jour, the majority of women selling sex on Peterborough's streets are addicted to Class A peterborouyh. When chatting to the girls they encourage them to visit them during office hours, to get them into the service, getting off the drugs and finding other means of employment. They will also help the girls to access education, find housing if they need it, and generally turn their lives around.

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