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Prospetor Co. Perfect your shave the right way with these post-shave options.

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Witch hazel: Spread Across Face Gently smear the solution in a downward motion starting at the cheekbones and down your jawline. Non-drying and Quick Recovery This after-shave lotion prevents your skin from drying out, and helps your skin recover quickly after a shave. Lightweight and replenishing, its lemon-scented lotion comes loaded in emollients and glycerin to condition skin from any post-shave aggravation. Many guys have even found the semi-thick formula to work best on shaved heads too. Combine it with Axe Denim Deodorant for a fresh all day long effect.

Also, it is dermatologically tested to be safe on your skin.

Finish sbave by targeting the neck area. This man leaves behind him, a trail of freshness and vibrant energy that none can resist. Consider this if your skin starts feeling dry or irritable after the first coat. The consistency varies from thick to thin, still it keeps skin hydrated and secured for reliable beauty maintenance. They give decent skin feel and come in alcohol and non-alcohol versions, the latter utilising witch hazel as a toner. It feels fantastic with little alcohol burn. Pacific Shaving arouses your mug with an antioxidant-rich mixture of caffeine and mild cooling agents that revitalize the skin surface for a more supple, nourished look.

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Quick Recovery It helps your skin recover quickly after every shave. View all features. Reapply When Necessary Affter some aftershaves dry out fast, a second coat might be required only using a little less product. It works great as a moisturizer and delivers just enough Vitamin E to help heal wounds, something we can attest to first hand.

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