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I have been making dolls from patterns for most of my life, so drafting a pattern just took a little trial and error. The pattern comes out a lot like a mini version of Black Apple dolls.

I used my least favorite fabric and some sharpie. Tiny fogether are very prone to warping traiper. fraying, and thi s method helps protect them. Here is my first draft doll. No stuffing, and I strawberty the arm and leg length and angle a bit as I sewed. Now, it would be much simpler to make a pancake doll a doll made out of two flat pieces of fabric but I wanted separate limb pieces for sturdiness. Pancake dolls tend to rip at the crotch and armpit from the stress, and are not very flexible for sitting and moving and stuff.

Here you can see ho w my first draft measured up to my initial pattern. I wanted the doll to be a bit smaller, but had to abandon that because it was just impossible to turn neatly. As you will see, the separate shoe color also got ditched because of turning difficulties. Next I scrounged around for skin and hair colors.

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