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Walkthrough – Office Lover – Omi Kitazawa

Tasuku and Retrace narrative us, with Most supporting an injured Tasuku. I around originally the station. I snatch all that came to him.

I kinda liked it squeeing IRL. I was surprised by your maturity. Ooh la la, professor. Wal,through you sneaky bastard. Yoshii-san proceeds to explain how the full moon makes the beast blood go wild, and nonchalantly slips in theyen penalty fee for breaking the contract, which I obviously did not read. Okay, noted. I go back to the shared house to start my prying. Upon reaching home, I find Tasuku and Shin, and behold, plot! A beast was attacked and killed today it seems. Tasuku contacts Hyouko, and they decide to leave the house to investigate.

Tasuku asks me to take care of asking Mao to look after the house. I wanna find out more! The next day, Tasuku and Shin have yet to come home. Noa Moriyama a. Mirai drops by and hands over an envelope meant for Tasuku. Dun-dun-dun a love competitor appears!

We find out that this mirror seals Specters, the beings which have been killing beasts. Mao tries it out walkthroguh sees a cat. He offers it to me, and I know my cover will Offiice blown. Quick, do something! Grab it from him. He confesses that the Specter which has been killing beasts is quite powerful, and that the intruder I encountered on my first night here was one too. The next day, I go to work and quite literally bump into a cute stranger during my break. A series of events occur and long story short, we have lunch together.

Can I romance him? Please say yes. He asks where I live: I live near the station.

Turns out, he lives nearby too. We have a nice lunch and part ways. Just then, Tasuku comes back and confirms Office lover dating game walkthrough suspicions regarding my beast-form — rather, the lack of one. Yep, it did. However, he did bring back the same point that Yoshii-san warned me in the beginning, that beasts will lose their powers once they love a human. Anyway, Tasuku promises to keep my being human a secret. I truly am. Secrets are full of needless burden IMO. Kinda sucks eating alone anyway. He works at a magazine editorial and gives me a pretty bracelet made of violet beads. She gets embarrassed and leaves when she sees me, leaving Tasuku and I to walk home together.

I tell him that she wanted to be with him longer, but Tasuku remains stubbornly obtuse. I can understand her feelings. Poor Hyouko is caught in the awkward atmosphere between me and Tasuku, but luckily, plot is here to save the day: This Specter is known as Yoichi. Hyouko warns Tasuku to be careful, as unicorn blood is top of the line. FML The next day, I wake up early to make breakfast. Tasuku is surprised that I made breakfast, and I explain the terms of my staying in this house. Mao is super excited to have food in the morning.

Suit yourself, Hyouko. The day goes by and I find myself fixing up my room the next day until night fell. I notice how everyone is quieter in their rooms today. Shin knocks on my door and I let him in. Want to sit? I offer. Shin makes some small talk, and suddenly draws nearer. Into what, a pervert? Shin pulls me towards him and pushes me down. I peer into his eyes and find them to be glowing weirdly. Shin the bastard emerges from my room annoyed. Mao also joins the party in the living room. Tasuku goes on to explain that Shin turns into a wolf, while Mao is unable to hide his cat ears.

True, but still. Besides, the house is full of nothing but men, I shout. Yoshii-san promises that I will be able to move out if I do well investigating, and warns me not to fall in love with a beast as I depart. Mao looks back to normal, and Shin refuses to look at me. No shit, Sherlock. Say what? Because their powers as beasts will weaken if they fall in love with a human, he explains. I leave for work, conflicted about my living in the shared house. Returning to the house after work, I find Tasuku, who asks me over to the living room.

Lover dating walkthrough Office game

Everyone is gathered there, which was unusual. Apparently, a beast was killed again. S They decide to go to the scene of the crime to look for clues, like they usually do. I will go with you too. Gotta investigate on both counts, all sneaky-like. Shin is surprised by my declaration, and I think something changes in his eyes?

How did that that segway even walktnrough. Tasuku inputs Need if he could spread looking more easily, because it helps good he has to go on a business avoid, Hyouko has borne, and Mao has a good introduction. Mao goes off to find available herbs, which will continue deal with Binary-induced wounds.

Mao offers to stay with me, but Shin pulls me towards him and says that he will go look around with me instead. Hyouko whispers into my ear is he being meta? We head to walkthrouvh murder scene. Tasuku drives us to the city and parks beside a dark alleyway. Shin looks for any footprints left behind by the victims. I seek some answers from Shin as to how they knew that a beast was killed. I see… Shin asks me to question stray cats around here, which leaves me flabbergasted. Apparently cat beasts can speak with cats. Cover blown in 3… 2… 1… luckily, Shin is distracted by some evidence.

Thank god for murder scenes.

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