My 4 year old daughter hates me

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Why do children hate their dads – and how should we deal with the rejection?

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Mostly, he is quite loving, and tender with me, and we have a beautiful relationship.

I hope hatea will outgrow it. Natalie April 20, at I truly feel for everyone going through this pain because it stings and weighs on your heart when daughtr you love sooo much seems to hate you. I am a single mother who lives with my parents and works 10 hr shifts 4 days a week. I hate the role, but he has to have some guidance and correction. Cindy Thank you for writing this. It was precisely what I needed to give me some perspective in a very emotional time. I am having a very hard time.

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My 3year old has been mommy little man and all of a sudden is telling me he wants to get rid of me and all this horrible stuff. He comes from a loving home and I have been in early childhood so I know a lot of approaches but this is just really bringing me down. I tell him I love him and he says I love daddy Jennifer May 31, at 4: Now my 4 year old daughter tells me she loves her daddy more. It hard to feel that my child hates me but…. I believe our children can help us to grow and understand more about ourselves. Maybe you hate yourself?

How many of us have heard those three little words and wanted to cry? I mean, I sure did. Between the ages of 10 and 16, it was practically my mantra. It was love on a bad day. The dreaded phrase does have slightly different implications depending on whether it comes from a toddler or a tween—and the art of the response should vary accordingly. Yes, thank you, I think that is a really good idea. Nadine says: April 26, at He has to say no to everything even if it is going out to the mall. It is not easy… May 12, at Usually we have a good idea why she is upset or angry.

Hard stuff! June 22, at I swear to God, I could very easily substitute my name on your story, and it would fit perfectly. My family is going through the exact same thing with our almost 4 yr old. She, too, blurts the same hateful words to her sisters and I, daily. We are at our wits end.

I will be SO glad to be done with it!!! When my 5 year old son says these things I handle it just fine. Nona says: October 1, at But also I blame my husband, and this is my biggest problem: Hages 21, at Basically change it so your daughter gets the same amount of attention whether she says such things which aren't true otherwise she'd actually be walking around in fear -- imagine hating someone who was twice your height who lived in your house! So be reassured; she doesn't mean it. She just loves you both, but has found a way to get mum to acknowledge her every time; by hurting her emotionally. To help the reaction, when she says: Every house has one.

The parent that is more likely to say no and lay down the rules.

Daughter me hates My 4 old year

Mazzy loves Harlow dearly. Even md she refuses to give me hugs and kisses, she is always eager to give Harlow affection. Because she took to Harlow so easily and fully, I thought we had avoided a lot of the new sibling resentment I had heard about. Mike is much better with Mazzy than he is with the baby so most often, when we are all home, I am the one taking care of Harlow. I have made a big effort to always hand off the baby to Mike so I can continue to be one who puts Mazzy to bed, but lately, Mike has been working late and I have been reading books to Mazzy while Harlow sits on my lap.

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