Teacher dating ex student

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Ex student dating Teacher

News of this relationship, even if technically legal, would be troubling to srudent, teachers, community leaders and members of law enforcement. It is a very touchy area. You may have done nothing wrong in a technical sense. You were no longer datimg young man's teacher, and he had reached the age of consent, which varies state by state in the U. But you sense that you have crossed some line. This is one of the greatest fantasies that every high school student has. We all wondered sometimes about how it would be to date your teacher after high school, and is it legal. Can such relationships succeed, and for how long? There is also a question how long should we wait for it to be publicly acceptable?

I will try to answer that question with my own experience. Can you date your high school teacher after you graduate?

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You can date your studetn, but it is a tricky thing to do. Viewed from studdent teacher side, it is certainly unprofessional in many instances. There is, often rightfully, a stigma attached to it. Such relationships can survive, but the biggest factor is how much the age difference is between Teacher and the ex student. Sex with such a person carries heavy contradictions and confusion -- not only for him but for you. That's not to say that two mature, committed people could not resolve those tensions and confusion; perhaps they could. Stranger things have happened.

But to attempt to nurture this fleeting tryst into a sturent relationship would be difficult, risky and probably doomed. So I suggest that, having broken it off, you henceforth avoid all contact with the young man. Moreover, I suggest you contact a lawyer, explain what has happened and get some good advice. This implies an age gap of at least seven or eight years or sometimes a couple dting decades between you two — a considerable difference when it comes to being romantic partners. While a former teacher as a partner would bring stability and maturity in a relationship, also remember that after the novelty has worn off, you may crave the fashions and trends of your age group.

After a certain period, you may even be dismayed to find that your partner has aged much more than you have and that now you both have very little in common. Potential for distrust If you are going to have a relationship with your former teacher, make sure that there is no room for jealousy and suspicion. How do we completely get over the fact that we were once 8 years ago student-teacher? Our dates have been amazing; awesome chemistry, conversations. Blurred boundaries for teachers. It repeated a widely-circulated misrepresentation of a piece of research on student-teacher relationships.

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