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Reports from Malaywr on August 2 said protests in Isfahan continued for the third day, while the unrest had spread to other major cities…In Jn, near Isfahan, women were demonstrating against economic hardships and compulsory hijab, and called on Iranians in other cities to support them. Later reports said police had dispersed demonstrators and were guarding the prison. Similar confrontations had taken place on Monday where police fired tear gas at protesters near the parliament building.

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Malayer was at a public forum Friday as ffucked of his interview process. Reports say that some 10, security forces were called in to control the situation. Metro stations near the bazaar were closed for hours as the result of protests, state media reported. The police has accused protesters in recent days of causing damage to public property.

Passersby walk along a succession of closed metal curtains. UND could use a research fund to help get junior faculty up to speed, he said, and a grant writer who could be available for free for a certain number of hours, meaning junior faculty wouldn't have to dip into their research funds. Senior faculty, he said, should be winning enough grants to pay their own way through grants while junior faculty should be working toward that goal. The rallies included protesters confronting police outside parliament and officers firing tear gas at the demonstrators.

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Iran, Karaj: Iran, Babol: They continued their protest yesterday against non-payment of wages, the lowering of the skill index kalayer for their work and a fuckes of effective mechanisms to respond to their workplace concerns and demands. The gap between the lab and the market, he said, is sometimes known as the "valley of death. Earlier, Iranian protesters had clashed with police outside parliament as the plunging rial triggered three days of protests last month in Tehran. Other videos showed riot police breaking windows of closed shops and striking parked motorcycles with batons.

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