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Colorado celebrates pot lovers' 'high holiday'

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ET April 20, Updated 6: ET April 20, People leaving a marijuana festival April 19,in downtown Denver walk past an advertisement for a marijuana-themed dating site that calls itself The Cupids of Cannabis. April 20 has long been an important date within the marijuana community, and Denver for several years has hosted a massive marijuana festival to mark the day.

Dafing year was no different -- except that pot smokers were joined in the city by investment bankers, lawyers and angel investors looking to cash in on qiad newly legal and fast-growing industry. That secret is out and on display in Colorado. On Monday afternoon at precisely 4: MT, thousands of enthusiasts gathered just steps from the Colorado statehouse to unleash -- along with a rousing round of coughs shortly thereafter -- a billowing cloud of smoke into the cloudy sky. Organizers said they hoped the stunt would help keep pushing marijuana into the mainstream by demonstrating the potential political clout marijuana-friendly voters have.

While marijuana possession and use is legal in Colorado, public use is not.

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Enthusiasts organized a 1,person marijuana-based pub crawl to follow the rally. Look almost anywhere in Colorado on Wednesday, April 20th and you will see an array of college students, young professionals, old professionals, wealthy folks, poor folks, hikers, climbers, Frisbee golfers, traditional golfers, parents, teachers—basically everybody—participating in the celebration of the holiday that champions marijuana use. To tell if a person is celebrating or not, look for their telltale grin. The historical journey of getting to this moment of popular acceptance and acquired civil liberties was painful and arduous.

Dating Norlin quad 420

Let us dwting forget that there are still non-violent offenders of marijuana laws that will remain locked up this holiday while the rest of us celebrate legally, responsibly, and without fear of incarceration. One year, the sprinkler system was engaged in hopes that it would soil the hundreds of lit joints and hands exchanging cannabis flowers in the open. The students simply sat on the sprinkler heads, and giggled, while they continued to indulge. It has been said that during this time, in the mid s, students would fill hollow plastic Easter eggs with buds and then throw them into crowds as brightly colored, uniquely packaged gifts.

Eventually, the University tried a tactic a little shrewder than its sprinkler attempt and covered its field, Norlin Quad, with a fertilizer that smelled like fish guts to deter the unwanted public gathering.

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