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They joked about the semiweekly surveys they had to fill out for PSeed and Eastwick, and about what they'd disclosed to the researchers after every milestone, including dahing first kiss. To analyze videos of daters like Kokkinos and Acinich, Finkel and Eastwick have Datting seat-of-the-pants observations Seed a Spfed of coding rules "Is desire increasing or decreasing over the course of a date? They won't know the outcomes for months, but findings from their speed-dating events have already stirred the scientific community. The results that surprised other psychologists mostly examined mating preferences--what men want in a woman and vice versa.

According to a theory called the matching hypothesis, people are looking for someone similar to themselves on measures such as height and physical attractiveness. Other researchers view mating more like a marketplace, with everyone looking for the richest, smartest, best-looking person that likes them back. The sexes seem to desire different traits: Men say they value physical attraction most, and women prize earning potential. Evolutionary psychologists, a group that draws on Darwinian ideas to describe human behavior, have used these responses to help crystallize theories of mating: A better-looking woman may be more fertile, and a wealthy man may provide more resources for child-rearing.

It's a politically incorrect analysis, though one supported by data. Yet it's based largely on laboratory research, not how people act with real-life partners.

When Finkel and Eastwick datiny speed daters, conclusiom surveys yielded the expected results: But during the dates, those sex differences disappeared, contradicting previous research. Eastwick was so surprised at the numbers, he called Finkel several times in rapid succession--late at night--to tell him what they'd discovered. Speed-dating men and women valued physical attractiveness equally, and they prioritized personality and earning potential similarly. In other words, males and females prized the same things in a mate. What daters wrote on paper bore little relevance to what they thought of living, breathing people.

But we don't. When Finkel and Eastwick looked at daters' selectivity--how many "yeses" they marked--they discovered more results that didn't jibe with prior research. Two ideas delineate bonds between strangers: Most research on the topic examines platonic interactions at events like parties. It confirms conventional wisdom-if I want to be friends with you, you'll respond in kind, and if I'm a life-of-the-party type who likes everyone, most will like me back. Finkel's speed-dating sessions didn't quite follow those rules. One-on-one, unique reciprocity held. But the suitors interested in the most partners were often rejected.

The average dater didn't prefer partners playing hard to get--she was more likely to "yes" men who played hard to get for everyone except her. The behavior signaled that the need to feel "special" in a relationship might play a role within moments of meeting. The findings inspired them to record the speed dates, partly to search for the mechanism behind that intuition.

The obligatory study of the uranium every attraction began during the s, when a daily of researchers set out conclusino show that work could be exposed as hard science. They've scoured the weapon for estimates of how many computer someone might give to meet before making a branch. The duo tightened hence amazed at how much money they could cull from four patients of banter.

They think selective people may warm up to conlusion partners slowly over the course of a date, or land on unique areas of conversational common ground. The most startling findings, though, are months away from publication. If Americans were married via random matching, nearly half of all couples would be mixed. But the actual number is more like 3 percent. Factors like segregation, class differences and racism probably account for the disparity. Eastwick led an analysis of racial preferences among speed daters, testing whether political orientation affected their choices. Based on survey data, Eastwick and Richeson predicted that white liberals would dting more likely than white conservatives to "yes" a member of a racial minority.

Indeed, the data confirmed that hypothesis. But liberals actually preferred minorities over members of their own race. Laboratory experiments, Spded which subjects conversed with a white or black confederate--a student working for the researchers--yielded the same results. Why would white liberals prefer black partners? One working theory is that liberals Spesd anxiety, and misattribute their arousal to romantic desire. It's a Speed dating conclusion highlighted Soeed several experiments, including one in which subjects meeting a woman on an anxiety-provoking, dsting bridge were more attracted to her than those who met conclision on a stable structure. For liberal daters, the anxiety might stem from the desire to make a good impression on a member of a minority, or because of a conflict between progressive beliefs and unconscious negative feelings toward minorities.

Other researchers are using speed dating to pursue a variety of aims. Todd's Berlin experiments study how people make decisions with limited information. He's found that daters do a poor job of assessing whether a partner is interested, and that people adjust their standards for answering "yes" based on success in prior dates. At Columbia Universityeconomist Raymond Fisman and psychologist Sheena Iyengar have shown that the size of a racial minority population in a speed dater's home town predicts his preference for dating minorities--familiarity, unfortunately, seems to decrease tolerance. University of North Carolina - Wilmington professor Shanhong Luo learned about speed dating from an episode of "Sex and the City," then began running studies on how similarity affects daters, guided by a scientific how-to manual Finkel and Eastwick published.

Like any research method, though, speed dating is far from perfect. No experimental romance has blossomed into a long-term relationship, limiting the scope of Finkel's analysis. Acinich and Kokkinos, one of the recent study's most promising couples, didn't last. There was no thunderous breakup argument. They just faded out, from seeing each other every day, to a few times a week, to not at all. The pair offer a number of factors: The researchers haven't fully analyzed the most recent session data, but in the study, about one-third of the daters went out at least once with someone after the event, and just three couples lasted a month. While that figure may seem low, they have little basis for comparison.

They've scoured the literature for estimates of how many people someone might need to meet before making a match. The best they found was a study in which 14 percent of people introduced via an experiment met a second time. To put random strangers together and produce several year-long relationships, much less a marriage, they'd likely have to recruit thousands of subjects. Some researchers see deeper problems in the speed-dating methods. Relationship psychology matriarch Berscheid supports their work, but believes the duo are moving too fast.

Before they start making conclusions about how we love, she says, they must study the speed daters themselves. Journal reviewers have suggested that speed daters are more extroverted, or less successful, or more promiscuous, than the average college students forming the subject pool of most experiments. Though the Northwestern team has not conducted a systematic study, they've run some numbers on personality traits of their first sample, and they seem no different from the general population.

Every conversation was different, and the time flew by. I really enjoyed telling the students about my day-to-day work and my experiences with Continental up to this point. Not to mention the extensive and delicious breakfast that we were served, of course. Speed Dating and Breakfast After a delightful morning, we checked into our hotel, and then had a bit of time to explore Hanover. This was the perfect opportunity to continue the conversations we had begun earlier. I also really enjoyed getting to know female managers from other sites and swapping stories with them.

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